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Hiring an employee in France

Play Video about The steps of hiring an employee in France

TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères

TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères
Play Video about TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères
A doctor who cares for employees

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Occupational Health

According to the French Labour Law, it is the employer's duty to protect the health and safety of all employees ...
/ Staff & Social field

Main categories of revenues to be declared on annual forms

Forms n° 2042 C, 2042 RICI and 2042 C-PROArticle of 15/04/2019 updated on 15/05/2024The reporting period for annual revenues begins ...
/ Taxes for Individuals
News on revenue declarations for 2023

News on revenue declarations for 2023

The tax returns must be subscribed as every year, the deadlines for filing declarations with the tax department are as ...
2024-05-15 - Paid leave and sickness

Paid leave and sickness: New rules to apply

It's official now: French legislation on paid holidays is now compliant with European law.The main points of the reform are:Changes ...

Overview of the principal information to be indicated on the 2042-IFI print (tax on real estate fortune)

Article written on 2020, updated on April 2024The 2042-IFI declaration only concerns people who own real estate assets whose value ...
Tax on Real Estate Fortune

Tax on Real Estate Fortune (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière)

Article written on 2018, updated on April 2024The real estate wealth tax (I.F.I.) is an annual tax payable by individuals ...
Work calendar

Employment contracts counted in days

Certain employees can sign an annual flat rate agreement with their employer as long as a collective agreement authorizes them ...
/ Staff & Social field
Withholding at source for employees posted abroad

Withholding at source for employees posted abroad

In order to protect against the risk of non-recovery of taxes, the tax administration requires that the organization which pays ...
A team of employees

Value Sharing Act: Two schemes to be aware of for companies with fewer than 50 employees

The "Value Sharing" law, creates, on an experimental basis and for a period of 5 years:a requirement for companies with ...
Non professional furnished rental

Non-professional furnished rental since the Finance act for 2024

Non-professional furnished rental meet a precise definition and are subject to a particular tax and social regime. We will briefly ...
categories of tourist accommodation

The different categories of tourist accommodation and their regulations

Article published on 15/12/2020 and updated on 14/03/2024Tourism activity is highly developed in France and the number of accommodation categories ...
Finance act 2024 concerning personal taxation

Finance act for 2024 – Main provisions concerning Personal taxation

We present below the main measures of the French finance act for 2024 (law n°2023-1322 of December 29th 2023).  This ...

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