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Hiring an employee in France

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TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères

TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères
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Property tax “Taxe foncière” and Housing tax “Taxe d’habitation”

Article updated on 15/09/2023 Every owner, whether they are residents or not, of a professional or residential building in France, ...

Chartered Accountant and Business Management Tools

All entrepreneurs, managers, or start-ups want to improve the performance of their businesses by implementing performance indicators, or maybe just ...
/ Company life
Liquidation and dissolution of companies

Legal steps for liquidation and dissolution of companies

Sometimes in life, projects and companies might come to an end, and this is where the concepts of liquidation and ...
/ Company life, Legal

Augefi (the group to which FBA belongs) interviewed by

Augefi 2023: An audit and accounting firm with human know-how for VSEs and SMEsJuly 4th, 2023Sébastien Giordano, director of Augefi, ...
/ FBA firm
GDPR and French social law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the French social law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25th, 2018, to better regulate and strengthen data processing ...
Sick leave in France

Sick leave in France

What are the rights and obligations of an employer and an employee during sick leave in France? When an employee ...

Supporting documents for accounting in France

A company's accounts must be accurate in order for the tax advantage to be accepted by the tax authorities.In terms ...
/ Fiscal, Legal
apprenticeship tax

SOLTéA – The new online platform dedicated to the French apprenticeship tax

This information concerns all employers paying an apprenticeship tax and who wish to distribute their balance to a specific school ...
Hiring a minor employee for summer season

Hiring minor employees for the next summer season?

Would you like to hire a minor for the next summer season ? Here are the rules to follow! 1 ...
/ Staff & Social field
The specificities of the building and public works sector in regard to social law

The specificities of the building and public works sector in regard to social law

The construction and public works (also known in France as BTP) sector is very much present in social law. Indeed, ...
/ Staff & Social field
Comparative table of the legal structures of the main companies

Comparative table of companies’ legal structures under French law

The tables hereafter shown in this document compare the main legal structures mainly used in France, available to entrepreneurs. We ...
News on revenue declarations for 2022

News on revenue declarations for 2022

Tax returns must be completed, same as every year, and the deadlines for filing them with the tax department are ...

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