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Hiring an employee in France

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TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères

TFE - Titre Firmes Etrangères
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What are the news in social matters as from January 1st 2024?

News in social matters as from January 1st 2024

At the beginning of the year, it is necessary to update social data to draft various documents and draw up ...
/ Staff & Social field
Social Security 2024 Finance Act

Main points of the Social Security 2024 Finance Act

The Social Security 2024 Finance Act (LFSS) was officially adopted on December 4th, 2023. This law includes numerous measures, below ...

Best wishes from FBA

The entire French Business Advice team wishes you a happy, merry and delightful Holiday Season! We also wish you all the ...
/ FBA firm

Corporate vehicles and taxation

Business Managers often have difficulties choosing a type of vehicle or how to finance it. These decision-making problems are often ...
/ Company life, Fiscal
2023-12-06 - New law on Value Sharing Bonus

New law on Value Sharing Bonus (29/11/2023)

Good news on the Value Sharing Bonus (PPV): A second payment possible before the end of the year! Here is an ...

Value sharing bonus and Retirement savings plan: Two ways to reduce tax results

The end of year is, for many companies, also the time for closing the annual accounts. At this point, company ...

Change in case law on paid leave

The employee acquires paid holidays during sick leave, work-related accident, etc.The French Supreme Court (Court de Cassation) has decided, on September 13th, ...
/ Staff & Social field
When an unjustified employee absence can be considered a resignation

When an unjustified employee absence can be considered a resignation

Until recently, many employees who were unable to obtain a conventional termination with their employers and who wanted to leave ...
Cross-border Remote Working

Cross-border Remote Working

Agreement between EU, EEA states & Switzerland defining the applicable social legislationFollowing the increased use of remote working caused by ...
Description of the payslip in France

Description and English translation of the French payslip

Article updated on 06/10/2023The payslip is, for many people, difficult to interpret. The issue is even more important for business ...
/ Staff & Social field

Should you hire an employee or a subcontractor?

When a company's activity grows or whether it faces an exceptional increase of orders, two possibilities exist:Hiring new employeesCalling in ...

Property tax “Taxe foncière” and Housing tax “Taxe d’habitation”

Article updated on 15/09/2023 Every owner, whether they are residents or not, of a professional or residential building in France, ...

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