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Manage a business in France

Do you need expert advice managing your business in France?

Bookkeeping: full or shared | Accounting reviews | Financial reporting | Business planning | Statements of annual accounts: amortization tables, breakdowns of annual financial statements, certification by a Chartered Accountant, analysis of profit margins, calculation of taxable income and annual closures of accounts
French Taxation
French tax advice | French VAT numbers | Preparation of tax returns by business type | Intra-community declarations | Corporate income tax | Personal income tax | DEB/DES (declarations of exchange of goods and services) | Assistance during tax inspections/audits | Communicating with French tax authorities
Human Resources
Payroll and payslips | Drafting of employment contracts | Social security statements | Company membership with relevant bodies | Company membership with statutory insurance organizations | Support with managing social security and personnel obligations | Support during social security inspections
Legal audits | Merger audits | Due diligence: company audits before acquisitions | All auditor services
Business incorporation | Changes to Articles of Association (name, domicile, purpose, etc.) | Change of Director | General Assemblies, extraordinary general meetings | Raising capital | Requesting an intra-community VAT number | Business mergers | Business transfers
Manage vineyard accounting as per the French charter | Viticulture tax optimization | Application of social and personnel regulations in the viticultural sector
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Do you need help managing your business?

If you’ve already fallen in love with our country, set up your business here and now want someone to handle your accounts or help to manage your company, we’re here to help. Our qualified team have in-depth knowledge of the relevant international regulations.  We offer business management and accountancy services in English, Spanish and French. One of us will be your dedicated contact making it easy to stay in touch. We will help you to deal with the French administrative system.

If you’re a private individual and want administrative help with your life in France, we offer the services you need.

However complicated your circumstances, we can help – in your own language. 

Why not take a look at our accounting guides?

Business obligations for death insurance and complementary health insurance

Work stoppage and death insurance “Prévoyance” & Complementary health insurance “Mutuelle” in companies

Work stoppage and death insurance, which we will call by its French name "Prévoyance" throughout this article, can be defined ...
Reimbursement of professional expenses to employees

Reimbursement of professional expenses to employees – Part 2

In the first part of this study, we presented the main professional expenses, starting by explaining the terms of reimbursement ...
Reimbursement of professional expenses to employees

Reimbursement of professional expenses to employees – Part 1

The URSSAF thus presents the professional expenses on its website: "The expenses incurred by the employee for the purposes of ...
Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting in the S.A.R.L.

Article of 21/06/2017 updated on 31/05/2022 The partners of French S.A.R.L.s must approve the financial statements by a general meeting ...

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