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About us and how we work

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- Jennifer Goube - Chartered Accountant, Manager and Partner
“I have always loved discovering other cultures. That’s why I did an International Management degree in Vienna, Austria, where I also learnt some German... All my classes were in English, which is how I learnt to speak English. I also speak Spanish (my mother tongue). My accounting diploma and my open-mindedness are a great advantage in helping you with your business in France.”
- Sébastien Giordano - Chartered Accountant, Auditor and Partner
“After 4 years working for a well-known international accounting and audit company, I decided to work for myself and incorporated AUGEFI in 2006. Speaking English has allowed me extensive experience in supporting English-speaking clients who have set up and run businesses in France. My client portfolio includes English-speaking individuals and companies, including businesses in the tourist industry that is so important in the South of France.”
- Claire Molina - Payroll and Social Security Manager
”My interest in different cultures and my training in payroll management have given me the skills to be part of French Business Advice. I help to simplify the relationship between foreign employers and their employees as much as possible every day.”
- Carla Martin - Chartered Accountant Trainee
“I am a proactive, enthusiastic person who loves numbers and attention to detail - which is why I decided to study accounting. My love of travel and my experiences abroad have enabled me to develop my English language skills. It made complete sense for me to join an English-speaking accounting firm!”
- Gladys Sudry Kalejaiye - Accountant
“Passionate about travelling and discovering cultural differences, my main goal is to support and help our English-speaking clients to the best of my ability as an accountant. I love working with our clients as a team, whether that means helping them to realise their plans or doing their tax returns.”

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- Laure Michelon - Legal adviser specialising in company law
“Thanks to my experience, I can help you to set up and manage your firm, and to adapt your company’s legal structure to meet your aims and comply with French regulations.”
- Nathalie Ferrere - Legal adviser special. in HR and social law
”Our country is famous for its complicated employment system and personnel regulations. That’s why I’m here: to make it easier for you to understand.”
- Antoine Gout - Expert in vineyard accounting
”Born in central France, I grew up surrounded by agriculture. Now I work with large agricultural firms and vineyards in the South of France. I am lucky to work in a sector where businesses like these shape our beautiful local landscape.”
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Business advice and accounting you can depend on

Our highly qualified, experienced team is here to answer your questions and help you to manage your business. We provide quality accounting services and business advice in person and remotely. Our clients are primarily non-French speakers. Some have made France their home, others want to set up a business in France and need help to establish the best legal structure for their company, or simply need ongoing accountancy services. Most of our clients are SMEs, typically with fewer than 100 employees, but we also cater for private individuals based all over France and overseas.

For more specialised tax or employment advice, we turn to our expert colleagues in the AUGEFI accounting group. AUGEFI employs more than 115 highly-experienced specialists across six offices. We also benefit from the expertise of Sébastien Giordano’s other partners: Jean-Christophe Barbut, Johann Affre, Nicolas Boutier, Tristan Renaud, Roman Virgili and Antoine Gout.

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