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Make my life easier in France

Finding the right place to live in France

Finding a rental property

Are you ready to come, but need to find a place to call home?

Have you found the perfect area, but need help finding the right rental property?

Are you sure the documents and rental contract you’re signing are as they should be?

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Finding and Buying a property

If you’re making the leap, maybe you’d rather buy your new home in France, or even a holiday property.
You might need help with:
* Finding the right property
* Sale-related paperwork

You need an English-speaking Notary!

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    How else can we make your life easier in France?

    Why not take a look at our accounting guides?

    The tax and social regimes of professional furniture property rental (LMP)

    The status of professional furnished rental company (“LMP”) applies exclusively to lessors who rent out furnished accommodation on a professional ...
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    Property tax and housing tax

    Property tax “Taxe foncière” and housing tax “taxe d’habitation” – Two singular taxes

    The owners, whether they are residents or not, of a professional or residential building in France receive at this time ...
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    The trusts: declarations to be presented by the administrator

    Article of 07/06/2021 updated on 15/07/2022 The comments relating to the reporting obligations of trusts that appeared in the BOFiP ...
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    News on revenue statements for 2021 year

    The tax returns must be subscribed as every year, the deadlines for filing declarations with the tax department are as ...
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