Do you want to start a business in France?

agricultural accounting

Whether you want to work  in tourism, restaurants, agriculture, or another industry, there are a lot of business opportunities in France which is one of the reasons so many people move from their home country and come to France.

The challenge is that you face more than just a language barrier.  You face the difficulties in understanding a complicated administrative and tax system and it can be daunting knowing how to start a business or which type of business is best for your situation.

We understand the problems foreign businesses face in France.  The administrative, social security and taxation rules can be completely overwhelming even for French speakers. That's why we offer our expertise and experience of Accountancy practices. Our French accounting office AUGEFI can provide the services you need for accountancy, legal auditing or support in setting up your business.

We are an advice company which can support all kinds of companies in France, from Autoentrepreneur, Microentrepreneurs, larger companies, SARL , SAS or sole partner. Moreover, we also provide services for individuals concerning their income tax and their wealth tax.


Do you need assistance managing your business?

If you have already fallen in love with our country, set up your business here and are now looking for someone to handle the accountancy and ongoing management of your company, then we're here to help you.  Our qualified team have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant international rules and are able to provide you with business management and accountancy services in English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian or French.  You will be supported by a team member who you can easily communicate with and who will help you in the different interactions with the administrative system.

If you are not a company, but an individual, and need help to handle your stay in France, we are also able to provide you with the services you need.

However complicated your situation seems to be, we can offer you help in your own language. Indeed, one of our partners, M. Sébastien Giordano is, together with his team, an English speaker specializing in his English client portfolio.


How do we work?

Starting with an initial consultation to assess your situation and understand your needs we will offer a personalized proposal to meet your requirements and provide the services you need. This consultation can be made by phone, in a face to face meeting or through a Skype call. We will then assign a dedicated English speaking person to you who will become your point of contact with Augefi and who will work with you. In addition to staff available for you, we arrange all the IT technology to communicate with you even if you are a considerable distance away. Our accounting software is adapted to provide your financial statement in English.

Starting a business in France

Business Creation

Can I open a business in France?

  • Feasibility study according to your aims
  • Development of formal business plan
  • Bank and investment proposals to French standards
  • Support during meeting with financial partners

What kind of company?

  • Company creation with the correct legal status
  • Choice of taxation and social status

How do I create my company?

  • French company registered to the different administrative systems (RCS, Greffe du tribunal...)


  • Business creation
  • Social and personnel changes (name, domicile, objective...)
  • Change of manager
  • General Assembly, extraordinary general meeting
  • Increase of capital
  • Requesting an intra-community VAT number
  • Business merger
  • Business transfer
  • French tax

French Taxation

  • French tax advice
  • French VAT number
  • Preparation of tax statement according to your business
  • Intra-community declaration
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • DEB/ DES: declaration of exchange of goods and services
  • Assistance during tax Inspection/ audit
  • Ensuring relevant communication with tax authorities

Social Security and Personnel

  • Payroll and pay slips preparation
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Social statements
  • Company membership with the relevant bodies
  • Company membership with the required insurance organizations
  • Support for the management of social security and personnel obligations
  • Support during social inspections

accounting service

Certified Accounting


  • Full or shared book-keeping
  • Accounting review: review and summary statement


  • Income by branch, department or operating site
  • Determination of the break-even point
  • Cash tables


  • Business planning


  • Amortization table
  • Break down of annual financial statement (balance sheet/ income statement...)
  • Certification by Chartered Accountant
  • Analysis of profit margins
  • Determination of taxable income
  • Annual closure of accounts

French agriculture business advice



  • Legal audit
  • Merger audit
  • All auditor services


  • Manage the French agricultural accounting specifications
  • Agricultural tax optimization
  • Application of social and personnel rules to the agricultural field


You are individuals ?

We can help you too!

We have a dedicated department and take care of your administrative tasks and your tax returns.

Make your life easier!