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Set up a business in France

We offer simple explanations - in your language - of rules that might otherwise seem complicated!

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Do you want to start a business in France?

Whether you want to work in tourism, the restaurant sector, agriculture or another industry, France offers a lot of business opportunities. It’s one of the reasons so many people move to France.

However, the challenges can be bigger than the language barrier alone. Understanding the complex administrative and tax system can feel daunting, as can wondering how to start a business, or even which type of company is best for your circumstances.

We understand the problems foreign businesses face in France. The administrative, social security and taxation rules can be completely overwhelming – even for French speakers. That’s why we offer our expertise and accountancy experience. Our French accounting office French Business Advice provides the services you need for accountancy, legal auditing or support in setting up your business.

Our consultancy supports all kinds of companies across France, from autoentrepreneur and microentrepreneur businesses to larger companies, SARL, SAS and sole partners. We also provide income and wealth tax services for private individuals.

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Comparative table of the legal structures of the main companies

Comparative table of companies’ legal structures under French law

The tables hereafter shown in this document compare the main legal structures mainly used in France, available to entrepreneurs.We have ...
Some information to help business leaders to choose their social status

Some information to help business leaders to choose their social status

There are two different statuses in France to which the manager will be affiliated and which will apply according to ...
Create a business in France

Create a business in France in 2019

The creation of an economic activity is often a complicated operation. It must be carefully prepared because it engages the ...
Main relief to the creation of Businesses

Main relief to the creation of Businesses

There are a very large number of helpers for entrepreneurs. We cannot quote them in their entirety, but the list ...

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