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I'm a private individual living in France

French Business Advice mainly manages company accounts, but we also help private individuals with official paperwork. We’ve set up a special team to help manage your tax returns and administrative tasks required by the French authorities.

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Personal Income Tax

I live in France

So you live in France, but aren’t sure whether to file a tax return here? Maybe you’ve tried but just couldn’t figure out which form to complete?

Our team is experienced in declaring foreign income in France. We can help with making your declaration, checking your tax bill once it’s issued and communicating with the French tax office about your tax return.

If you are considered a French resident for tax purposes, you must declare your worldwide income here in France.

There are links below to a range of articles about personal income tax returns that explain the French system.

I don’t live in France, but I have French income

So, you don’t live here but earn income from France? Then you might have to file a return here in France to declare that income to the French tax office for non-residents.

If you would like a quote for your tax return or if you have any questions, please contact us!

US/French Income Tax

Moving between the US and France can be a huge step and might involve taxation issues.

There is an agreement between France and the US to avoid double taxation. We have a specialist in US and French taxation who can help you file your return in both countries!

Wealth Tax

Do you own a property (either directly or through a company) worth more than €1,300,000?
This declaration requirement might affect you!

We can help you determine if it does and then file your declaration.

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Our goal is simple: to help you and save you time!

Let’s take the case of the French income tax : it must be declared every year even with the withholding tax set up in January 2019. It is also useful to know that for persons considered as French tax residents who declare their income, double taxation can be avoided since bilateral agreements exist. (Check the article we wrote on this topic.)

We have joined the MDSAP association (house of personal services), which allows us to give our private customers a tax reduction of 50% on the services offered. Indeed, they can benefit from a tax credit directly visible on their tax bill.

Managing your tax return by French Business Advice would provide you a fully-comprehensive service, including completing your personal income tax declaration, sending you a copy for your records and then checking once you receive the tax bill that everything is correct.

Find here below an example of the rates that we offer for these services:

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