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Real estate: New reporting obligation

Real estate New French reporting obligation
From this year 2023, any owner of a built property for residential use must make a declaration of his real estate before June 30, 2023. This declaration concerns individuals but also companies (SCI, SARL, SAS, etc.) owning a house, an apartment, a parking lot, a shed, a cellar, a storeroom, etc.This declaration is accessible through the website either on a personal area (“Votre espace particulier”) or on a professional area (“Votre espace professionnel”).
Here are the steps to follow:
  • On “Votre espace particulier“, you must select the “Biens immobiliers” tab to be able to access all the properties you personally own. You must then select “Déclaration d’occupation“.
  • On “Votre espace professionnel“, you must select “Démarches” then “Gérer mes biens immobiliers“. Once you have entered your company’s Siret number, all the properties owned by the company will appear. You must then select “Déclaration d’occupation“.
Explanatory notes in English, provided through the website, are available:
If you would like French Business Advice to assist you with these procedures, please contact your usual accountant in our firm before April 30, 2023, so that he/she can provide you with a precise quotation and a list of the elements he/she will need to establish the aforesaid declaration.If French Business Advice takes charge of the management of this service, it will be invoiced for a property from :
  • 100 € HT on the individual space
  • 150 € HT on the professional space

All the team of French Business Advice is at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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