We are available to answer our clients' questions and support them in their ongoing business management through our highly qualified and experienced team.  With a total of 40 staff and five offices in Agde, Bédarieux, Béziers Séte and Montpellier, Hérault (department 34) we are available to provide quality accounting services and business advice in person or remotely.

Our different offices specialize in a particular business sector according to the experience of their accountancy staff. Our partner Sébastien Giordano specializes in our English clients' portfolio. Antoine Gout specializes in the agricultural and wine businesses which have really developed in our sector.

Sébastien GIORDANO
Chartered Accountant / Auditor and Partner
S?bastien GIORDANO - Chartered Accountant / Auditor and Partner

After four years working for a well-known international accounting and audit company, I decided to work for myself and incorporated AUGEFI in 2006.
Speaking English, I have wide experience in supporting English speaking clients in their steps to start and run a business in France.
English speaking companies and individuals are part of my client portfolio, which also includes businesses in the tourism sector, very prominent in the South 

Jennifer GOUBE
Accounting Associate
Jennifer GOUBE - Accounting Associate

I always like to discover other cultures which is why I took an International Management degree in Vienna, Austria where I learnt some German... I had all my courses in English, which is how I learnt to speak English. I also speak Spanish (my mother tongue). My accounting diploma and my open-mindedness are a great advantage in helping you with your business in France 

Accounting Associate
Marina BARTALINI - Accounting Associate

I have lived in the United States in Washington DC for one year as an au pair. I learnt English and I have travelled all around the US understanding a new culture and discovering new countries. Thanks to this experience, which enabled me to understand the culture gap and my accounting diplomas and professional experience, I am here to help you in taking the different steps to running a successful business in France 

Christelle DUNOYER
Christelle DUNOYER - Secretary

I'm likely to be the first member of the team with who you'll be in touch. I'll guide you to the appropriate person who will answer any of your accounting, fiscal, social security and legal questions. My training in Business English enables me to welcome you in your native language 

Legal expert
Laure Michelon - Legal expert

Thanks to my experience, I will help you to create and manage your firm, to adapt your company according to your aims and the French regulations 

Nathalie FERRERE
Social Security Manager
Nathalie Ferrere - Social Security Manager

Our country is really well known for having a very complicated working system and personnel rules. That is why I am here, to make it easier for you to understand 

Antoine GOUT
Agriculture expert
Antoine GOUT - Agriculture expert in France

Born in Allier in the center of France, I grew up in the agricultural sector. Now I work with huge agricultural domains and vineyards in the South of France. I am lucky to work in the field I like and in a sector where there are more opportunities and a landscape which benefits from these activities