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Covid-19: Solidarity Fund of March 2021

Solidarity Fund for March 2021 - Reception ban
As every month since the beginning of the health crisis, the Solidarity Fund is undergoing several changes for the month of March 2021. You will find below the new features related to the eligibility of companies, our summary diagrams and the changes related to the online application form.

> Changes in the eligibility of companies

  • The March 2021 Solidarity Fund is available to companies that started their activity until December 31, 2020;
  • In order to take into account the effects of the new containment that occurred in March, the assistance reserved for businesses that were subject to a ban on receiving the public no longer requires an uninterrupted ban for March 2021. The only condition maintained is to have suffered a loss of turnover of at least 20%. In this case, the turnover for the month of March will have to include remote sales, click and collect or take-away sales to enable comparison with the reference turnover.
    It should be noted that the level of loss of turnover will have an impact on the amount of aid granted. We refer you to our first diagram below to help you identify which case you are in;
  • The mountain sector is evolving, now companies in the S1 and S1 bis sectors can apply for aid in this sector. As a result, companies in the S1 bis sector in the mountain area no longer have to meet the condition of loss of turnover between 2019 and 2020 or during the previous confinements if they opt for aid for companies located in a municipality in Annex 3;
  • Smaller shopping centers were also banned in March before the latest restrictions. As a result, the system dedicated to them has been extended to businesses located in a center of more than 10,000 m2 ;
  • As announced last month, the choice of the reference turnover is now fixed. We remind you that in terms of reference turnover, you have the choice between the actual turnover of the month 2019 concerned by the application and the average monthly turnover of 2019. Therefore, for example, if in February you chose the average monthly turnover, you will have to renew this choice for March and probably for the months to come. If in February you did not benefit from the aid, you have the choice between these different methods, but you will certainly have to renew your choice for the following months.

> Our summary diagrams

You will find below our summary diagrams allowing you to identify and evaluate the aid you can benefit from. We remind you that the choices between the different cases are not restrictive. You can therefore choose the situation that gives you the highest level of assistance. For example, if you fall under Schedule 1 (S1) and you were banned from receiving the public in March, you can apply for assistance under this ban if it is more favorable.

> Figure 1: Companies that have been banned from the public

Solidarity Fund for March 2021 - Reception ban

> Figure 2: Annex 1 companies (S1)

>>> Consult the updated Annex 1
Solidarity Fund for March 2021 - S1

> Figure 3: Annex 2 companies (S1 bis)

>>> Consult the updated Annex 2
Attention: if you started your activity between 01/11/2020 and 31/12/2020, you are not concerned by the condition of a decrease in turnover of at least 80% between November 1st and 30th 2020. Consequently, if the decrease in your turnover is greater than 1,500 euros, you can therefore apply for aid in proportion to the latter or to its decrease, if applicable.
Solidarity Fund for March 2021 - S1 Bis

> Figure 4: Companies covered by Annex 3 (mountain sector) or located in a shopping center of more than 10 000 m2

>>> Consult the updated Annex 3
Solidarity Fund for March 2021 - Annex 3 and shopping centers

> Figure 5: Other companies

Solidarity Fund for March 2021 - Others companies

> Developments relating to demand

In order to guarantee fair competition between member states, the European Union limits direct state aid to €1,800,000 per company. Consequently, you will be asked to provide information on the aid obtained or requested for 2020 and 2021 at the time of application. The administration will thus be able to ensure that you comply with this ceiling.
The aids to be taken into account for this calculation are the Solidarity Funds and exemptions from social security charges related to the Covid-19 crisis, previously obtained or applied for.
  • The following aids are excluded from this cap:
  • The EMP;
  • Aid for digitization;
  • Regional grants;
  • Rent or other subsidies granted by the region;
  • Exceptional Financial Assistance (AFE-COVID);
  • Deferral of social charges, etc. ;
  • Partial unemployment.
The Ordre des Experts-Comptables has requested that the form be simplified to allow the applicant company to simply certify that it does not exceed this aid ceiling. However, for the time being, this possibility is being studied by the administration and has not been answered. Consequently, for the time being, you will have to fill in these fields if you have benefited from or applied for aid concerned by this €1,800,000 ceiling, even if you are very far from this limit.
There are no major changes to the other procedures. The application must still be made via the mailbox of your personal area before May 31, 2021. The application channel is already opened.
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require: do not hesitate to contact us!

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