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Foreign Firm Slip / Titres Firmes Étrangères (T.F.E.)

Foreign Firm Slip Titres Firmes Étrangères (T.F.E.)
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T.F.E. is an optional service for foreign companies that employ in France and do not have any establishments in that country.

This device is only intended to simplify the social formalities related to the employment of workers for these companies.

I – Conditions to benefit from T.F.E

The interested company must:

  • Be a foreign company and not having a permanent establishment in France,
  • Employ less than twenty employees in France,
  • Hire or employ workers under the general social security system,
  • Use this process for all workers employed in France.

II – Formalities to complete

The formalities are carried out only by internet, it is necessary to:

  • Register with the URSSAF ALSACE:

Urssaf Alsace – Centre National Firmes Etrangères (CNFE)
16, rue Contades
67300 Schiltigheim
Ph. : 0033 388 18 52 44
Fax : 0033 369 32 30 08

  • Establish a D.P.A.E. (declaration before hiring) as well as a contract of employment. The completed online form when declaring the hiring of an employee serves as a work contract.
  • Contact also at the same time:
    • The occupational health service,
    • Pôle Emploi (service for unemployment),
    • Humanis International for supplementary retirement:
      21 rue Roger Salengro
      94137 Fontenay sous Bois Cedex
      Ph. : + 33 (0)1 58 82 72 12
    • Possibly, an additional retirement fund, provident fund or paid vacation.
  • Only one document must be filed to complete the declarations to all collective social organizations and mandatory (URSSAF, Pôle Emploi, complementary and supplementary pension fund, provident fund and paid leave fund). When this document is complete on the website, the T.F.E. makes available on the site, the next day, the pay slips to print and give to employees.
  • A single payment with the URSSAF ALSACE makes it possible to pay all the compulsory social contributions.

III – Additional details

There are however certain employees who cannot be managed in the TFE. These are employees whose contributions are calculated via reduced rates (artists, intermittent entertainment workers, journalists, etc.), intermittent entertainment workers who depend on the Guso or multi-card salespeople or canvassers.

Impositions related to remuneration such as the apprenticeship tax, the contribution to vocational training or the payroll tax are recovered by the body concerned by the tax.

Optional contributions (not required by law or collective agreement) are collected by the appropriate social fund.

The National Center T.F.E. establishes for the company:

  • Pay slips,
  • Monthly and annual summary statements,
  • Annual social declarations,
  • The tax certificate for employees.

All companies will soon use the Nominative Social Declaration (D.S.N.), the T.F.E. manages the new formalities related to D.S.N.

To conclude, T.F.E. is a very practical process for foreign companies that do not have an establishment in France and that sometimes have a hard time understanding the social formalities in force in our country. Do not hesitate to contact us to check with us if you meet all the conditions to benefit from it.

In case you cannot use the T.F.E., we will suggest you a solution to be in accordance with the French social law.

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