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Seasonal workers: conditions for part-time activity

Seasonal workers

Here are the social breaking news dealing with a topical subject: the conditions for taking charge of seasonal workers under the part-time activity scheme.

The Ministry of Labour, Elisabeth Borne, has specified the conditions of part-time activity for seasonal workers in order to secure recruitment for the spring/summer season and to allow professionals to prepare for the resumption of activity.

Recourse to part-time activity will be authorised for seasonal workers who have: 

  • Either an employment contract renewed under the renewal obligation provided for by a collective agreement and/or by a clause in their employment contract. If such a clause is provided for, the employer will have to justify at least one recruitment of the same seasonal worker last year; 
  • Or a tacit renewal of a seasonal contract for the same period, evidenced by the existence of at least two successive contracts, without the employment contract or collective agreement having explicitly provided for this.

This exceptional coverage of unfulfilled contracts will be possible until the end of June throughout the country.

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