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Energy: Aids to companies to request online – 2/2

Energy aids to request online
We are following up on our previous article concerning the energy aids put in place by the Government. You will find below the aids that you can request online, through your professional space on the website.

> Aid for the payment of electricity and gas invoices

This aid can be cumulated with the “amortisseur électricité” (electricity shock absorber) seen in the last article.
To be eligible, your company must:
  • Support an energy charge of 3% of your 2021 turnover (Note: it should be noted that these elements must be looked at on a bi-monthly basis);
  • After reducing the “amortisseur électricité”, your electricity invoice must have increased by more than 50%.

> Enhanced aid for the payment of electricity and gas invoices

To obtain this higher amount of aid, your company must fulfil the following criteria:
  • The price of energy must have increased by more than 50% (assessed bi-monthly);
  • Energy expenses must exceed 3% of turnover in 2021 or 6% of turnover in the first half of 2022;
  • The EBITDA (Gross Operating Profit) must be negative or decrease by 40% over the period.
You can find an aid simulator by clicking here.
To help you understand the details of how your aid is calculated, we suggest you to read here a presentation of these aids issued by the administration (in French).
If you are experiencing difficulties in setting up these aids, you can contact our services. In this way, we will draw up a proposal for a mission to assist in the implementation of these aids, adapted to the specificities of your company.As you can see from the support mentioned above, these aids require special technical expertise. This is why this complementary mission would start as soon as the study on your eligibility is carried out, even if it results in your not being covered.We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.

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