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Top deal for companies: Daycare booking

Daycare booking

Given the current job market, it is essential for companies to offer to its employees a certain level of well-being at work, but also to provide real social benefits; this is how companies stand out from the competition and attract more talents.Thus, companies can no longer deny the importance of employees’ satisfaction.Fortunately, there is a wide range of benefits that a company can implement to retain its employees and attract new ones!One benefit that can greatly help you to keep a competitive advantage, in which benefits from a serious tax advantage for companies: daycare booking.

> What does daycare booking consist of?

A real HR solution, the daycare booking is a concept that benefits both employees and companies: by ensuring a place in a daycare center for their employees, and moreover at a preferential rate, companies reinforce their employees’ satisfaction and well-being at work. In addition, their loyalty and productivity, while using a real boost from the Government: the Crédit d’impôt famille (Family Tax Credit)!This is a good deal that mixes HR, taxation and Corporate Social Responsibility!

> How is the cost of daycare divided for the company?

  • Family Tax Credit: 50%
    • 50% of eligible expenses are covered
    • Limited to €500,000 per year, per company
    • More information by clicking here
  • Corporate Income Tax Savings: 25%
    • The company’s’ expenses for the implementation of an Early Childhood Policy are deductible at the tax rate (25%) from its pre-tax income.
  • Net remaining cost for the company after tax deduction: 25%
A total of 75% tax deduction for a managerial act that is advantageous for all!

> A quick overview of the positive aspects of this solution

Advantages for the company :
  • Employee loyalty (satisfaction, commitment, improved well-being at work)
  • Securing the return to work after maternity leave, and preventing the extension of maternity or paternity leave
  • Control over hidden human costs (lateness, absence, stress, early departure, turnover)
  • Strengthening the attractiveness of the company during recruitment
  • Development of a Quality of Life at Work policy with the improvement of working conditions and social climate
  • Development of a CSR policy with a strong positive identity as a socially responsible company
  • Controlled financial participation since only 25% of the daycare cost remains at the expense of the company.
Advantages for the employee :
  • Securing a place in a daycare center
  • Access to a preferential rate
  • Proximity of the daycare center to the employee’s home or workplace
  • Better work/life balance
  • Reduction of stress at work
If you are interested in booking a spot in a daycare centers and would like to learn more about this benefit, please contact us:we will put you in touch with one of our partners in the Hérault region!

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