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Covid-19: Solidarity Fund of June and July 2021

SOLIDARITY FUND for June and July 2021 - Annex 2
With the gradual lifting of health constraints, the Solidarity Fund for companies particularly affected by the Covid-19 crisis has seen its conditions profoundly modified for the months of June and July 2021. These modifications mark a gradual reduction of the aid before it disappears soon.

1. Repeal of certain sectors

The specific aid schemes linked to:

  • the “mountain” sector
  • shopping centres
  • small companies with fewer than 50 employees that have lost at least 50% of their turnover.
    As a reminder, this scheme allowed for aid of up to 1,500 euros. (Nb: this scheme is still open in certain overseas territories and departments subject to containment measures).

2. Eligible companies

The following are still eligible for the Solidarity Fund:

  1. Companies that are subject to a ban on public access:
    At present, these are mainly discotheques. For the month of June, these remain closed and therefore eligible for this version of the scheme (as the text was drafted before their reopening on 9 July, it is likely that they will be de facto excluded from this section next month).
    In this case, the conditions and amounts of the aid remain unchanged. If the company has suffered a fall in turnover of at least 20%, it will receive a grant equal to 20% of its reference turnover, with a ceiling of 200,000 euros. 
  2. Companies in sectors 1 and 2 (or S1 and S1 bis):
    For entities falling under these sectors, the condition of a decrease in turnover is relaxed from 50% to 10%. The amount of aid is for June 40% of the loss of turnover and is capped at 20% of the reference turnover. For July, this subsidy rate will increase to 30% and will remain capped at 20% of the reference turnover.
    The list of companies in sector 2 has been extended to include some clothing manufacturing companies. You will find the updated list of sectors in the links below.

Please note: In all cases, in order to benefit from the June or July aid, the company must have previously benefited from it for the months of April or May 2021.

You will find below our diagrams to help you identify the aid to which you are entitled. Please note that this is a monthly scheme and the conditions must be applied to the month in question.

> Diagram 1: Companies that have been banned from the public without interruption in June or July 2021

SOLIDARITY FUND for June and July 2021 - Companies banned from receiving public

> Diagram 2: Annex 1 companies

>>> Consult the Annex 1 updated on 22/07/2021
SOLIDARITY FUND for June and July 2021 - Annex 1

> Diagram 3: Annex 2 companies (S1 bis)

>>> Consult the Annex 2 updated on 22/07/2021
SOLIDARITY FUND for June and July 2021 - Annex 2
Applications should be made on the website, under the heading “Your private space”, following the usual procedures. For the month of June, applications can already be made.
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require: do not hesitate to contact us!

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