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Covid-19: Solidarity Fund of January 2021

Solidarity Fund for January 2021

As has been the case every month since the beginning of the pandemic, the Solidarity Fund for companies particularly affected by the health crisis has undergone several adjustments.

Among these adjustments, the following are the most important:

  • Creation of geographical zones in Annex 3 of the decree to be consulted here
    This zoning opens up, without any staffing requirements, the Solidarity Fund’s benefits to companies located mainly in mountain areas.
    It should be noted that the business sectors concerned exclude automobiles and motorcycles, but include residential real estate rental companies.
  • For companies in sector S1 bis having started their activity before 01/12/2019, the condition of a decrease in turnover of at least 80% during one of the confinements is removed and replaced by a decrease of at least 10% between 2019 and 2020 turnover. 

Note: These 2 new features are retroactive to December 2020 and therefore open up the Solidarity Fund to entities that could have been excluded until then.

You will find below our explanatory diagram to help you identify the case in which you find yourself (you can also download this diagram by clicking here). We also propose you to consult Annexes 1 (S1 sectors) and 2 (S1 Bis sectors) which have been updated with new activities for this month of January 2021 by clicking here.

As announced by the Minister of Economy and Finance, for companies subject to a ban on receiving the public, revenues from distance selling activities, with in-store collection or delivery, or from take-away sales activities, must be excluded from the revenues for the month concerned by the request for assistance.

It is also reminded that the charging of the manager’s retirement pension or daily allowances against the amount of the aid remains valid.

Announced for the end of February 2021, the application channel for this aid is not yet open. It will therefore be necessary to remain attentive to its opening in the near future.

> Explanatory scheme of the Solidarity Fund for January 2021

Solidarity Fund for January 2021

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