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Covid-19: Solidarity Fund of April 2021

Solidarity Fund for April 2021 - Reception ban
The Solidarity Fund for companies particularly affected by the crisis has been renewed for the month of April 2021. Contrary to the one of March, there are only few changes. You can therefore refer to our previous articles to help you in your efforts.

The main change is the opening of the Fund to companies created in January 2021.

Please find below our diagrams allowing you to identify the amount of aid for which you are eligible.

We remind you that the choices between the different cases are not restrictive. You can therefore choose the situation that provides you with the highest level of assistance.

For example: if you are in the case of the Annex 1 (S1) and you were banned from receiving the public in April, you may apply for assistance under the ban if it is more favorable.

> Diagram 1: Companies that have been banned from the public

Solidarity Fund for April 2021 - Reception ban

> Diagram 2: Annex 1 companies (S1)

>>> Consult the Annex 1 updated on 23/04/2021
Solidarity Fund for April 2021 - Annex 1

> Diagram 3: Annex 2 companies (S1 bis)

>>> Consult the Annex 2 updated on 23/04/2021
Attention: if you started your activity between 01/11/2020 and 31/01/2021, you are not concerned by the condition of a decrease in turnover of at least 80% between November 1st and 30th 2020. Consequently, if the decrease in your turnover is greater than 1,500 euros, you can therefore apply for aid in proportion to the latter or to its decrease, if applicable.
Solidarity Fund for April 2021 - Annex 2

> Diagram 4: Companies covered by Annex 3 (mountain sector) or located in a shopping center of more than 10 000 m2

>>> Consult the Annex 3 updated on 23/04/2021
Solidarity Fund for April 2021 - Annex 3

> Diagram 5: Other companies

Solidarity Fund for April 2021 - Other companies
The application channel is already open on your personal space on the website according to the usual procedures.
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require: do not hesitate to contact us!

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