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COVID-19: Deferral of social charges

Deferral of social charges

Good news about social charges:
The Urssaf deadlines for February can be postponed.

A press release, published on the Urssaf website on January 26th, renews the exceptional measures taken to support companies with cash flow difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic.
The companies concerned are those that are forced to close, or whose activity is restricted because of the measures taken by the Government to fight the epidemic.
The latter may defer all or part of the payment of their employee and employer contributions for the deadlines of 5 and 15 February 2021.

It should be noted that declarations must be filed by the due dates.

Note: This deferral also applies to supplementary pension contributions.

To benefit from this deferral, the employer must complete a prior application form, available online on the Urssaf website at the following link.
If the Urssaf has not responded within 48 hours, this request is considered accepted.

The press release specifies that the contributions that will not be paid are automatically deferred and that employers will be contacted at a later date to agree on a plan to settle their debts.
No penalties or late payment surcharges will be applied.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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