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is pleased to invite you to an Afterwork Apéritif on




on Thursday 3rd of October 2019
from 5pm to 10.30pm
at Mas du Cheval, Avenue de l'Agau, 34970 Lattes


Invest in Real Estate:
Approximately one million transactions will have been made over the last twelve months and by the end of September 2019. A record for the French property market which is where the majority of expats currently invest to secure their capital. The South of France supports this trend as shown by the long-term strong demand for housing with stable mortgage property prices and high rental yields.

Create a business in France:
The South of the country provides numerous and diverse business opportunities. Tourism, catering and agriculture are among the main lucrative industries of the region. Every day, individuals and companies create, develop and specialise in such activities to take advantage of the high domestic market demand. However, the French administrative and tax system, known for its complexity, requires more and more expats to be accompanied and advised by professionals in order for their business projects to succeed.

Join the Chamber, French Business Advice and its partners to learn more about local real estate and businesses opportunities.



Please register before the 25th of September 2019

Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.