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Annual General Meeting in SARL

Annual General Meeting

The partners of French SARLs must approve the financial statements by a general meeting which must be held within six months of the closing date of the financial year. Thus, with this article, we will indicate the main steps of the procedure to be followed to carry out this approval.

I – Information to know to prepare properly a general meeting

1 – The assembly

The general meeting of shareholders deliberates mainly on:

  • The approval of the accounts,
  • The allocation of the result,
  • The discharge to the manager,
  • The appointment of the manager,
  • The remuneration of the management,
  • The appointment of an external auditor if necessary,
  • The approval of regulated agreements,
  • Authorization to enter into certain material transactions.

2 – The manager

He prepares the annual accounts and the management report. At the time of convening the meeting, he must also prepare the agenda, the text of the resolutions and a report on the regulated agreements.

II – Documents to prepare

  • The statutes of the SARL: The manager will have to check if they do not contain special rules that derogate from the commercial code. If this is the case, it will of course have to take it into account in the procedure of convocation and holding of the assembly.
  • Document for the appointment of the manager: He must verify that his mandate does not expire. In this case, it will be necessary to have it renewed by the assembly. He will also check whether or not it is necessary to approve his remuneration.
  • Accounting documents.


III – Schedule of Operations

All these operations can partially be different if the company is a micro business or if it has an external auditor.

A Chartered-Accountant will be at your disposal to give you details of each of these transactions. Feel free to contact us!

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